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How do you save the lives of thousands of doomed dogs stuck in the nation’s most hopeless animal shelters?

You call in the air force.

Four years ago, an unlikely alliance was forged between devoted animal rescue volunteers and a small group of determined pilots. Their mission: to airlift forsaken animals to loving homes and safer circumstances. The group called itself Pilots N Paws, and it has been saving the lives of innocent animals ever since.

Dog Is My Copilot tells the story behind this remarkable organization while presenting a collection of twenty-five high-flying tales of rescue and redemption.

The triumphant tales of Dog Is My Copilot will have you cheering for the airborne dogs, their pilot rescuers, and their partners on the ground—and leave you marveling at the incredible ways that lives are touched when dogs fly.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Pilots N Paws.